Linda's Gifts, a new client of Tech Brainy based in Carlsbad, CA, had a hard drive fail on their server computer, removing access to its retail sales program and customer and inventory databases.

On behalf of Carlsbad, CA-based client Sea Bright Technologies, Tech Brainy is making search engine directory submissions for http://www.gene-therapy-shenanigans.info.

Mi Place, a client of Tech Brainy based in Laguna Niguel, CA, had a hard drive fail on their computer at the front desk of their second location in Newport Beach, CA.

Wolf in sheep's clothing would be an apt description of rogue security software. Also known as "scareware" this type of software appears to be beneficial from a security perspective but provides limited or no security. In fact, scareware typically generates erroneous or misleading alerts, attempting to lure users into participating in fraudulent purchase or transactions.

The informational site presented by Sea Bright Technologies is up and running. Check it out.

Websites are constantly in flux, and always being created. One of the newest websites out today is www.gene-therapy-shenanigans.info, an informational site created by Sea Bright Technologies.

Tech Brainy is working on a SQL database project for Axiom Test Equipment, a client in Oceanside, CA. The project, which involves numerous manufacturers, classifications such as rental, for sale, new, refurbished items, will link with website pages, database administration, reports and more.

Mi Place in Newport Beach, Ca is a customer of Tech Brainy that recently had hard drive problems on their front computer. Tech Brainy picked the computer up from Mi Place and ran Disk checking and error fixing tools. After all the runs, second hard drive backup was created with all their data and also backed up an external hard drive.

The next morning we delivered the computer back to Mi Place, set the computer up and made sure that everything was running correctly. Mi Place staffers expressed happiness that their computer back to them, fixed, on the next business day.

During the last two weeks Tech Brainy has been getting inqueries about computer tutoring. Tech Brainy offers great rates of $55/hour for tutoring and discount rates for multiple hours of tutoring. Unlike many other tutors we travel to your location and provide group or private tutoring lessons. As of right now Tech Brainy has two customers that take tutoring twice a week and we would love to see those numbers grow!