For client John M., a Carlsbad, CA-based lawyer, Tech Brainy located and eradicated two Trojan viruses, six Malware and eight Spyware entries. For continued protection, we recommended the installation and use of AVG, a comprehensive, paid software virus protection subscription service available from Tech Brainy. As two or more subscriptions are especially affordable, we were happy when John decided to protect both his laptop and office desktop with AVG.


When you are making a decision on a given computer repair service provider, be sure to check testimonials from previous clients. Take note of strong points and weak points in computer repairs so you can assess the best computer shop for your computer problem. 

Check Computer Repair Testimonials

Recently, Shannon J., an owner of an Oceanside business and existing client of Tech Brainy, Inc., had the good fortune to have previously utilized an online backup service called Carbonite which was recommended to him by our techs. The subscription ended up saving him less than a year after his subscription start when his laptop hard drive suddenly died.

Linda's Gifts, a Carlsbad, Ca customer of Tech Brainy, called yesterday having problems with their credit card machine working intermittently. We set up an appointment to go into Linda's Gift's and resolve the issue for them.  

Tech Brainy, based out of Carlsbad, CA, received a call from George S., an Orange County customer, explaining that he was having trouble while using  Microsoft Word.  We used remote software to access George's computer. We found every time Microsoft Word would open, it would close out right away and give a C++ error.  

Yesterday, Rick K., a customer of Tech Brainy Inc. brought his computer into our Carlsbad, CA shop due to issues with Internet Explorer crashing.  

We tested this issue by opening Internet Explorer and went to Google.com.  Google's web page came up fine, so we used it to type in a search. After we typed the search, we clicked on a link and  Internet Explorer crashed immediately. We tested this process seven times and each time, any link clicked in Internet Explorer, it would crash.