Not a week goes by that we don't have a Carlsbad resident or visitor come by to ask us our thoughts on what might be a good laptop to buy.

Here are some of the questions we ask that enable us to recommend a good solution or two, based upon the needs of the person requesting the information:

Is it for you or someone else? A kid or an an elderly person often have different uses/needs out of a desktop or laptop.

A bit of history:

Blogging began in 1998 as a form of online journal — as such it's OK to say what you think. Bloggers tend to have opinions; otherwise most of them wouldn't have blogs. Blog readers want to know their opinions; otherwise most wouldn't read blogs. Being a former journalist myself, I know it is OK in a blog to "ease up" on the journalistic “objectivity” and say what you really think. In fact, it's preferred.

Longstanding client Richard has written a great review about Tech Brainy on Google:

- Apr 11, 2012

Please join us as we walk for those who can't at the LEGOLAND Resort in Carlsbad, CA. The annual MS walk, which supports those who are besieged by Multiple Sclerosis, will be our fifth annual gathering of Team Tech Brainy.

Verigated Chinese HorseCheck out the beautiful new Home Decor page at www.CaliforniaStyle.com.... 


California Style in the Laguna Design Center recently updated all of their website galleries and this is the newest page.

Tech Brainy is frequently called in by small businesses to provide operational solutions tied to technology. We recently created an Egnyte file server account for a landscape consulting firm out of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (south Orange County). The account plans to use the system to upload, access and store large amounts of image data to the site which has a full tera byte of storage space.

We will order OEM batteries for your laptops, but have memory sticks and universal notebook adapters in stock.

Pop and and see what we have!