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If anyone promises you top 10 search engine rankings, turn the other way and run! Anyone that understands the basics of on-site SEO can get you listed in the top 10 of Google, but many times, they are optimizing your website for keyword phrases that no one uses. By covering some SEO basics, your site can be well optimized for good placement in search engine rankings.

First, create a bucket list of keyword phrases. These are two to four word phrases that you think others will use to find information in your website. Remember, use only keyword phrases that are contained within your website content. This is where the phrase "content is king" comes from. If it's not in your site, it is unlikely that you'll be ranked well for the respective keyword phase.

Second, use Google, and other tools to determine if people are actually searching for your keyword phrases. You can get recommendations for phrases that people are using in search; then simply adjust your list accordingly. Try to find phrases that are less competitive and are likely to give you a reasonable amount of traffic.

Third, write GOOD content. Speak to your customer or potential customer and ensure that you have a reason they should buy your product or services. Create a solid page heading, sub-heading and introductory paragraph. Use bullet lists whenever possible, then below this, add as much detail text as necessary. And don't forget to use "Call to Action" text or buttons.

Fourth, create all of the proper elements in a website page structure that the search engines need to relate the keyword phrase to your website. Use Meta Title tag, Meta Description Tag, H1,H2,H3 tags, anchor text, anchor title, and image alternate text tags, all containing your keyword phrases.

Fifth, create a Site Map page, either in HTML, XML or both. There are tools on the web that can help, but even a simply sitemap.html file will often do the trick. This will likely provide the search engine spiders what they need to crawl all or most of your website content.

Sixth, re-submit your page/website to major search engines and be patient to see the results of your efforts with increased search engine rankings.