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One of the best ways to assist your on-site optimization efforts is to continually build links that come into your site. Here are a few tips for effective link building:



  • Brand your product and work your brand consistently into your website
  • Make sure all of those experts of your industry, bloggers, product reviewers are aware of your site and content
  • Press releases published online expose your site and your products or services
  • Article directories are a great place for additional exposure by publishing expert articles - everyone loves knowledge from someone who knows what they are talking about
  • Participate in blogs and forums that relate to your website content and link back to your site's content whenever it's applicable to the conversation
  • Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others, and link your profile to your site as well as these same outlets to expose your expertise
  • Email newsletters that offer easy links back into your website for updated content, products and services
  • Create a blog on your site - making it easy to share updated information
  • Become an expert voice in your industry - giving you an opportunity for additional exposure for your website